I Have Cataracts. Now What?

Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

Having been recently diagnosed with cataracts, I naturally have some questions. The diagnosis wasn’t a complete surprise. I am “of the age”. Plus I smoked for decades.

**If you smoke, this is another reason to stop asap**


In this article:

What are cataracts?
What causes them?
How to know if you have them.
What you can do about it.
What makes them worse.
What to do as prevention.

What are cataracts? According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, a cataract is when your eye’s natural lens becomes cloudy. Proteins in your lens break down and cause things to look blurry, hazy or less colorful. In other words, cataracts are the clouding of the lens of your eye, which is normally clear.

What causes cataracts? Most cataracts develop when aging or injury changes the tissue that makes up the eye’s lens. Proteins and fibers in the lens begin to break down, causing vision to become hazy or cloudy. Other factors can increase your risk of cataracts, such as genetics, diabetes, or high blood pressure.

How do you know if you have them? An eye doctor can give you a diagnosis. Regular eye exams are recommended, especially when you reach the age of 60. In most cases, that’s when cataracts start developing. However, changes in the lenses of your eyes can start to affect you in your 40s. Reading glasses anyone?

What can you do about them? At first, stronger lighting and eye glasses can help. If impaired vision begins interfering with your usual activities, you may need cataract surgery. Likewise, your eye doctor may recommend it. In the U.S., the average age for cataract surgery is 73.

What makes them worse? Dehydration, alcohol, smoking, and obesity speed up the development of cataracts. Uncontrolled blood sugar or high blood pressure are also contributing factors.

Prevention, please:

Get regular eye exams. They are helpful in early detection.
Quit smoking.
Manage other health problems.
Choose a healthy diet that includes plenty of fruit and veggies.
Wear sunglasses
Reduce alcohol use.

Now we know what cataracts are, what causes them, how to know if you have them. We also know what you can do if you have them, what causes them to get worse, and some preventative practices.

Hopefully, this answers some of your questions, just as it did for me.

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Do you suspect you have cataracts? Tell us in the comments so we know we aren’t alone.

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Crossing Bridges

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Are there memorable bridges in your life?

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What bridge have you built or crossed that changed your life? (Small changes count too.)

Gratitude – July 20, 2019

Thank you Goddesses!

Today I am grateful that I am home, in my own home. I’m grateful that I have places to put my things – i.e. bathroom stuff, essential oils on the kitchen window seal, a desk – lots of things to be grateful for.

Thank you Goddess of Abundance! Thank you Goddess of Wisdom! Thank you Goddess of Harmony! Thank you Goddess of Trust and Truth!

Thank you for all of the teachers and their helpers! Thank you for all of the artists! Thank you for the internet and our access to friends across the globe.

Thank you friends and family!

Thank you Charlie! Thank you for liking my cooking and sharing meals.

Thank you Goddess of Abundance for all of my opportunities! Thank you for how far I have come in the last couple of years.

Thank you for changing my mindset, my outlook on life, my view point. Thank you for encouragement and understanding.

Thank you for collaboration over competition.

Thank you healers and helpers. May I be one.

Happy Birthday Pat!!


Gratitude – July 19, 2019

Thank you Goddesses. I am on an amazing learning adventure. You know how I like to learn and you keep giving me new stuff. Thank you!!

Thank you Goddess of Abundance for the abundance of captivating topics. Thank you for all of my blessings too. I have an abundance of those.

Thank you Goddess of Harmony. There is peace in our house and it’s lovely.

Thank you Goddess of Wisdom. Thank you for my age and my wisdom. I may have been just as wise when I was younger, but now it is a more conscious wisdom. It feels more conscious anyway. Deliberate. Thoughtful.

Thank you Goddess of Trust and Truth. Thank you for holding steady and giving me a point to return to when things get fuzzy.

Thank you past lives, past personalities, past experiences. I’m learning that they have indeed helped create the person writing this – I am a creation. It feels funny to write that. It’s one thing to hear someone say “you are a creation.” It’s quite another to believe that I am a creation. How humbling. Thank you!

Thank you for reading this.

Gratitude – July 5, 2019

Thank you Goddesses. Thank you Goddess of Abundance. Thank you for me having enough. Enough food. Enough space. Enough of everything. I lack for nothing. Thank you Goddess of Abundance!

Thank you Goddess of Wisdom. Thank you for knowing I needed to get back to gratitude journaling. Thank you Goddess of Harmony for peace in my life, in my house, and in my community. Thank you Goddess of Trust and Truth for, well, teaching me to trust in the truth.

Thank you my online community. Thank you for giving me so much to learn! Thank you for opening a whole new world to me.

Thank you friends! Thank you for the joy and the hugs I got last night while walking around in my community.

Thank you cats for counting on me to show up for you every morning with some food. Thank you for holding me accountable and giving me a reason to develop discipline. Thank you chores. Haha, what?? Yes, I feel grateful for my morning chores – feeding the cats and emptying the expelled RO water bucket. <<I will tell you more about that in a blog post. Ritual and routine are very comforting these days.

Thank you for reading this!