Live your life by design, not by default.
What does that mean?
It means that you live purposefully and proactively, not perpetually reacting to what is thrown your way. It means that you take care of yourself, take time for yourself, treat yourself as you want to be treated. Treat yourself as you deserve to be treated.
It means you treat yourself well. The Universe responds in kind.
As the Law of Attraction says like attracts like. Treat yourself well and the world responds likewise.

The main purpose of this website is to inform, entertain, and inspire you to live your best life. You only have this one chance. You should make the best, the most, of it, right?

Your body, mind, and spirit are all dependent on each other. So….. you need to nurture them all.

Nurture your body through eating healthy and well, movement (sometimes called exercise), getting close to nature and sleeping well.
Nurturing your mind means taking care of your brain. Keep it active, keep it healthy. This could be meditating, doing brain exercises, enjoying creative hobbies, and of course, eating healthy and exercising (taking care of your body helps take care of your brain.)
You can nurture your spirit through meditation, mindfulness, deep breathing, and much much more.
Google this stuff. You will find something that catches your fire. Then do that.

This website is meant to be a place of inspiration, education, and entertainment with a blog, a page dedicated to doTERRA essential oils, and a page to find journals, coloring books, and other activity books created by yours truly.

Stay interested. Stay engaged. Stay young at heart.
Live your best life.

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