Notebooks and More

Putting pen to paper

Putting pen to paper opens a path from your hand to your eyes and into your mind. As you get relaxed and settled, a path to stillness opens.

Being present

No matter whether you are journaling, coloring, starting your day with a to-do list, or writing out your meal plan, you are opening your path to stillness. In the age of technology, putting pen (or pencil, crayon, or marker) to paper is bridging the times – going back while staying in the present. Not just staying in the present but being present.

Mental & Emotional Wellness

This is mental and emotional wellness. It may seem too simple, but magic can be found in simplicity.

Whatever step you are on for good health and wellness, using your imagination with pen and paper is a great step.

Amazon Author Central

You are cordially invited to have a look around my Author Central page on Amazon. It’s filled with To-Do list notebooks, general purpose notebooks, coloring books, a password logbook, a meal planner with a grocery list, and more. It is always growing with new books being added frequently. The link is below.

Downloadable Printable Goodies

Maybe you aren’t ready or able to buy a journal or notebook, no worries friend. Here’s a complimentary downloadable printable to-do list page.

There will be more and more single sheet complimentary printables included here in the near future. Come back and have another look soon.