Suzanne Horrocks
Wellness Guide

Hi! Welcome! My name is Suzanne Horrocks.

I’m learning how to enjoy life as a widow and an empty nester.

Do you want to join me? It’s our time, girlfriends. Let’s learn together.

Let’s stop eating kid food and eat real food that is healthy, satisfying, and delicious.
Let’s garden, hike, take road trips, and go camping.
Let’s meditate.
Let’s take sound baths, salt baths, and sun baths.
Let’s journal or write gratitude pages.
Let’s have hobbies.

My husband died. My daughter left the nest. It’s time for me. It’s time for you.

So, you have found your way to my website. Thank you!! Do you want to stay in touch?

Here’s one way – click this link to join my email list. About once or twice a month, I send out emails with tidbits, free stuff (like the to-do list sheet you get when you click that link), tips and tricks to make life easier, etc.

Another way to stay in touch is to follow my blog. Literally, there’s a follow button. Or scroll up to the menu and click on Blog to read my words of wisdom.

Here’s my Facebook page dedicated to all things wellness. I have a TikTok page with the same name – Suzanne Horrocks Wellness. I would LOVE to see you in either or both of those places.

To help you live your best life, through journaling or writing gratitude pages, and keeping track of important info, I’ve created a line of journals, notebooks, logbooks, etc. They can be found here.

One of the healing modalities that help me regularly, sometimes several times a day, is doTERRA Essential Oils. You are cordially invited to have a look at their website. I guarantee you will learn a LOT about how these beautiful, all-natural oils work on a plethora of issues. I stay amazed at their power.

I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with you! Together we will make healthy choices and live a thriving, nourishing, wellness lifestyle.

You can live your best life.

Cheers friend!

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