Sleep Like A Baby

Can we talk about your sleep? Is it good? Or could you use some help with it?

Lack of good sleep can affect our health in so many ways. Maybe you have experienced some of these at one time or another.

*difficulty maintaining weight or losing excess
*negative emotional responses (anger, fear, etc.)
*lack of motivation

Lack of good sleep has a negative impact on nearly all of our body’s organs and systems!

Just as poor quality sleep can negatively affect our days -and our lives-, getting good sleep has positive effects.

A good night’s sleep can

*boost your immune system
*prevent weight gain
*strengthen your heart
*increase productivity
*improve your memory

and more.

I am teaching more about good sleep, and how to get it, through a free email series.

I will be sharing some simple changes you can make and info about some tools and aids.

It’s free. It’s easy. It’s quick and informative.

You have to opt in though. There are several ways to do that –

Look me up on Facebook at Suzanne Horrocks Wellness
Go to the contact page (up above) and send me an email
Comment below and we can exchange email info

Thanks! Cheers!

Good night, sleep tight!


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