Monday Musings

Hello Monday. Hello brand new week. Hello new beginnings, new possibilities, new ways of being/doing/thinking.

Today’s contemplation has been about what I’m willing to do to achieve my version of success. What even is my version of success?

Definitely financial success. Most definitely. Being financially independent will relieve so much worry and stress. I think anyway. I’ve had financial security before and there was a lot less stress, at least looking back through my rose colored glasses. (Hindsight is 20/20?)

The self confidence would be amazing.

But I think even better than that will be the time freedom. Being able to work at my own pace, in my own way will be a dream.

But what am I willing to do to get there? And here is where it can either be difficult or easy.

I’ve been studying a lot about business. And that includes a lot of instructions. Don’t get me wrong, those are extremely helpful.

But there are just some things that I’m not willing to do. Like call my family members that I only see on holidays – or not even then. Like call random people that are on my contacts list because I worked with them ten years ago.

That’s where my dilemma comes in. Do I need to be willing to do that type of cold calling? Or can I do things my own way?

I threw it out to the Universe this morning and went about my merry way in my morning routine. Next thing I know, I’m doing something that seemed pretty uncomfortable but in a completely different way.

It required repetition, focus, and stamina. It didn’t require cold calling anyone. And I was able to stay in the zone and get it done. And yes, it was uncomfortable.

So “willingness to do what it takes” has a lot of different meanings.

Who am I to question Fate/Karma/Destiny or the Universe? Who is anyone to question them? What has been working the best for me is to release the negative. Allow the Universe to flow naturally.

Is it uncomfortable? Sometimes. Often. But not all the time.

Will I achieve my version of success? Yes. Definitely. There is no Plan B. And that feels good!



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