Do you start in the middle?

Do you have trouble starting something? Whether it be a new practice, a new blog post, a new project?

The most important step is to just start. Start anywhere. But start!

It doesn’t matter if it’s messy. It doesn’t matter if it’s perfect. It doesn’t matter that you may not know the ending, or that you can’t remember the beginning.

Sometimes there is no beginning and ending. Think about a circle. How would you ever find the starting point? What you may find is a good starting point for you, but it may be in an entirely different place for me. So just start anywhere.

Think about your favorite hike or even a walk around your neighborhood. What is the beginning for you is probably not going to be the beginning for me. But you start where you are and I start where I am.

I am starting here. Haha, with a blog post about starting. How appropriate.

I’ve been putting off writing my blog because I didn’t know where to start. It’s funny now because that became my topic. See how that works?

What are you putting off starting? Tell me in the comments. What do you want to start?

Path with yellow flowers


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