Gratitude – July 29, 2019

Thank you Goddesses! Thank you Goddess of Abundance! Thank you sooooooo much.

Thank you for teaching me to stop and ask “What is this teaching me?” Thank you Goddess of Wisdom! What a difference that makes. I will try to describe what happened this morning. It feels like a miracle.

We live in a fixer upper house. It’s paid for so no mortgage payment, no rent. My previous self used to look at this as the best I can do. Like this is all that I can afford. This is my lot in life. This is as nice a house as I deserve to live in.

We have a back room that has eleven leaks in the roof. Yep, 11. It doesn’t take much rain either. Last night while we slept it apparently rained pretty hard. We didn’t have our buckets set up. This morning we woke up to a very wet floor. It’s only in one room, mind you. And we don’t use that room for much anyway. So it’s really not that big of a deal.

Anyway, as I was having my morning cuppa coffee, I was pondering this state of affairs. And instead of reacting in my usual bratty way (waaaaa poor me, the places I’m forced to live……), I posed the question – what am I supposed to learn from this.

The answer was – this is a fixer upper and you really dig doing projects like this. Seriously, this is your jam. This is your dream life. Well, not exactly my dream life, but I do really dig projects like this.

While I’m still striving to support myself financially, I’m already living part of my dream life. I can’t go buy a new-to-me car right now. My wardrobe is pretty thin. But, I get to ponder life over coffee for as long as I want to every morning. Every morning.

I don’t have to set an alarm. I get to write blog posts like this! I don’t have to write this post either. I’m choosing to write it. I get to choose how to spend my day.

That’s living the dream. Thank you Goddesses. I’m humbled and grateful.

Thank you Goddess of Abundance. Thank you Goddess of Wisdom. Thank you Goddess of Harmony. Thank you Goddess of Trust and Truth. Thank you all un-named Goddesses and Gods. Thank you Inner Goddess. Thank you Inner Child. Thank you Inner Wild One.

My heart is full. Thank you.


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