You can quit smoking. I know you can.

How do I know you can quit smoking? Because I did. A year and a half ago.

I smoked cigarettes since I was 14. I’m pushing 60 now. It was a huge part of my life.

It took a dear friend to really keep me in a pretty uncomfortable conversation. She just wouldn’t let me worm my way out of my reasons why I kept smoking. Until it felt like some stupid huge boulder that I was never going to move. And if I stayed standing on that ridiculous boulder, well, my future was shit.

Why do you smoke? What does it do for you? It feels good. Does it? Does it feel good to cough? Do your lungs hurt sometimes? Well, yes, but smoking is awesome! What is awesome about it? It gives me something to do. What about the money? How much does it cost? Yep, it’s a lot of money. What could you do with that money? I don’t know.

There’s a good one. What could you do with that money? I don’t know. Of course I didn’t know. Because I had been coming up with cigarette money for 40 years. Forty years is a long damn time. Changing that doesn’t happen overnight.

What in the freaking hell would I “do” if I didn’t smoke? Thankfully quitting is a process so I didn’t have to figure that out right away. That’s something I can figure out as I go. What would I do instead? What happens at the end of a meal? Do you just sit there? It’s funny now. It wasn’t at all funny then. And yes, you can just sit there. Or you can get up and wash the dishes, go brush your hair, relax and chat with your kids/spouse/dog. There’s a lot of stuff you can “do” at the end of a meal. Believe me. There is. You will find it.

How did I quit? I used nicotine patches and gum plus still smoked. One day I just said “I’m going to see how long I can go without one.” One and a half years later, I still haven’t had one. I didn’t put pressure on myself. I just said I was going to see how long I could go. My inner voice was cool with it because I accepted the idea that I could smoke whenever I wanted and I was going to see every minute smoke free as a success. I wasn’t going to see smoking as a failure. Do you see how that is turned around? I celebrated success – focused on success. Failure wasn’t an issue.

Why am I telling you this? Because I have an aid that can help you. If you are ready to try – again – to quit. I have created an aid made from all natural ingredients. Not addictive nor harmful. There are no side effects except for letting go of cigarettes.

How many times have you quit? Or tried to?


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