Gratitude – July 2, 2019

Thank you Goddesses!

Thank you trees for making delicious shade on a hot day.

Thank you Charlie for sharing your home, and especially your kitchen, with me.

Thank you Julie the Yard Cat for bringing your kitten around.

Thank you friends for giving me people to talk to.

Thank you Goddess of Wisdom for teaching me that some issues that I have are perfectly fine. They don’t need fixing. Thank you for teaching me acceptance.

Thank you Goddess of Abundance for ridding me of worry and doubt.

Thank you Goddess of Trust and Truth.

Thank you Goddess of Harmony for peace in our house and in my life.

Thank you people that inspire me daily! I’m thinking about my political activists friends. Yall rock!!

Thank you for reading this. Thank you WordPress for making it so easy to make a blog post.


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